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Lawn & Sports Turf Maintenance

We are offering high quality turf maintenance in Dubai and other emirates. We are capable to do the sports pitches and other sports turf. Let us be your one source for all your athletic field maintenance and turf care needs.


Lawn & Turf Maintenance

Complete lawn & sports turf services

Turf maintenance under the supervision of highly trained and expert team

Turf Maintenance provides commercial customers with complete grounds and other sports turf maintenance year-round. When trusting us your turf will appear lush green and healthy always.

We apply fertilizer to lawns three times a year in May, June and July. The fertilizer we use is a slow release product that will help create lush green grass over a longer period of time.

Save time and money, our turf maintenance services is in your budget.

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Lawn & Turf Services

Mowing your lawn helps your turf stay young and active. By giving it a close shave once every year you will promote new growth, reduce thatch, (dead underlying grass) and limit the amount of disease and moisture build up.


Aeration is probably the most beneficial service to promote overall health of your turf.

Top Dressings

Sports turf topdressing is the act of applying a conditioner onto the top of the playing surface.


Overseeding of sports turf is used to restore areas where the turf is bare or thinning.

Lawn fertilizer application

Fertilizers supply vital elements that help grasses recover quickly.