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Al Qaswan Landscape & Gardening is committed to sustainability and genuinely care about the welfare of trees. We are care the nature more than everyone and positive impact on our environment.



Special tree services

Providing specialized tree services in the region

Looking for an arborist for cutting down trees or for stump removal on your property?

We provide complete tree services. From pruning tree to removing a tree or palm. Fully trained professionals will attend to the tree service and complete with proper tools and machinery.

We take more care while working in residential area due to more restrictions. 

Our tree removal service will take care of any unwanted, decaying or oversized and dangerous trees in your garden.

Our tree services include tree cutting, trimming, shaping, tree removal & disposal, tree transplanting, palm cutting, palm removal & disposal and palm transplanting.

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Palm & Tree Services

We are specialized in conocarpus and palm tree removal. The following services are carried by our trained professional team. No matter how big and tricky a tree is, we know how to cut it with safety.

Dead Wood Cutting & Removing

Removing unwanted and dangerous branches throughout the crown of the tree.

Crown Thinning & Pruning

Pruning by removing selective branches to increase the light and air through the crown.

Crown Lifting

Removing lower branches to avoid the disturbance to the public.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the size of the crown to provide more strength to the stem.

Tree Planting & Transplanting

Excepting the challenge in planting and transplanting big trees.

Tree Fertilizing

Applying the proper levels of fertilizer that promotes healthy growth.


Palm & Tree
Removal and Recycling

Trees and palms need to be pruned, cut or removed for various reasons. Before removing a tree or a palm we check it really require removal. If its yes then we start our removal procedure.

As part of our commitment to protect the environment, all green waste is cleared from site and taken away for recycling.

Our tree removal experts give the best advice and deliver the level of skill that is hard to match.